Farm & Nature Preserve




Margie Imus began her career as a handweaver, teaching at the Sawtooth Center School of Design . She was one of the original members of the Fiber Company in the Winston Salem Arts District, which is still in operation today.   Margie gained more experience working with children as a visual artist in the Smart Start program in Surry County.  In addition to working with Bill on the farm,  Margie was also the owner, operator and head designer of Minglewood Flowers in Winston Salem, from 2004- spring of 2015, when she returned home to fully concentrate on Minglewood Farm and Nature Preserve. Margie is very excited about sharing the preserve and working with the local communities to get outside to learn and enjoy the outdoors, creating fun learning experiences for all ages.

 Bill Imus began working in the restaurant community in Winston Salem as a young man and continued on to be a chef for Marriott Hotels. In 1987 Bill opened his own restaurant, The Cumberland Cafe in Winston Salem. It is an establishment people still speak of today with great appreciation. It was at The Cumberland Cafe that Bill began to grow his own fresh produce in raised beds behind his restaurant and at home. In doing so, he realized his niche for providing fresh local organic produce for restaurants in the triad of North Carolina.  This was the beginning of Minglewood Farms. Throughout the 30 years of working on Minglewood, Bill has managed the native forest and it now is a great example of the wonderful biodiversity of the NC foothills. Bill also is very excited about all the opportunities that Minglewood has to effect the way people view the natural world and looks forward to  sharing his knowledge with all that visit.



The Imus' have farmed and enriched this land for 30+ years.  Now it is time for them to share their knowledge and experience with the local communities. Margie and Bill have now transformed their farm into  Minglewood Farm & Nature Preserve, a non-profit, providing a place in the outdoors with a focus on learning.  The vision for Minglewood is to share the passions for the natural world in a educational and fun manner, reconnecting people of all ages back to the land.  The mission of Minglewood Farm & Nature Preserve is to connect students and the surrounding communities and share the importance of sustainable food production and proper environmental stewardship. Action is needed at this critical time to save our rapidly disappearing North Carolina  farmlands and threatened native species. This land is a gift to the future. Please join us in this important endeavor and become a member today!