We are very busy as spring abounds throughout the preserve! We have numerous groups visiting, many from the surrounding school systems. Our friends from the Boys and Girls Garden Club have already been up for their first visit of the year . We are  looking forward to many more visits with these kids here at Minglewood and in their garden in the  city this year! 

     We continue to work hard and expand upon our goals here at Minglewood.  Please note our new page,  Field Trip Learning. This gives teachers numerous options for lessons here at Minglewood. 

We are also learning that outreach is a big part of our job. We are now expanding the opportunities for Minglewood to come to your school to assist in your school garden for fall and spring.  We are now  speaking to Agriculture classes in the high schools, the Future Farmers, horticulture and others to share our story of successfully farming as market farmers for more than 25 years. We have a program we like to call Seed To Plate that we now share with the younger students in the lower elementary  grades. We have a powerpoint presentation that shows the start of our greenhouses in the snow to a finished vegetables in the field. We also bring vegetables and seeds  from the farm, depending on the season to share. 

   We are excited about our upcoming 3rd Annual Plant Sale on April 22 & 23, '17. We will also be celebrating EARTH DAY that weekend with walks in the forest on the hour each day, in search of our local wildflowers! 

     And our 2nd Annual ART IN NATURE CELEBRATION is Saturday, May 20th! Come and celebrate how nature is such a strong influence on so many different forms of art! Hands on arts and crafts for the kids, with story telling and much more! A free event in thanks to a grant for the NC Arts Council and the Surry Arts Council.

     There is much more news so check our News, Field Trip Learning, Camps and Workshop pages for further updates!

    More news & updates coming soon!


   Spending time in the outdoors has been linked to better performance in the classroom, encouraging a stronger connection to nature that can last a lifetime!

​- Earth Keepers


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"When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect."

Aldo Leopold, 1949


   Minglewood Farm and Nature Preserve is an outdoor learning center in Westfield, North Carolina, located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our mission is to be a resource for outdoor learning, to educate students and the surrounding communities about sustainable food production and  proper environmental stewardship.  We are an outdoor learning center for children and adults of all ages. The preserve offers a place to reconnect with nature, while also experiencing  the great biodiversity of our region in the native forest and meadows.  

   Action is needed at this crucial  time to help bring awareness  to our rapidly disappearing North Carolina farmlands, forests and threatened native species.  We are happy to operate the preserve at such a critical  time and to have the opportunity to share Minglewood with the local school systems and surrounding communities.

​    We are available to make presentations to groups to share our story and history, to describe the mission and  programs that Minglewood Farm & Nature Preserve is offering. You can reach us through our contact page here on the website.

    We invite you to visit Minglewood, to   walk our fields and trails and learn from all that nature has to offer. Call or email us to make plans for your visit! 

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